We kill the kill chain

Creating a “No-Code Zone” to protect
your network from zero-day attacks
and APTs at the delivery phase

The Power to Identify and block Code Inside the Data Stream

Solebit introduces a paradigm shift with patent-pending non- behavioral technology that enables rapid detection and prevention of embedded malicious code



Detect the Undetected


Any unauthorized code, anywhere, including hidden CPU commands, encrypted and polymorphic payloads, shellcodes and other buried commands

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Eliminate Guess Work


We don’t look for “malicious” or try to deduce behavior. If a stream includes unauthorized code it stays out. Period.

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Prevent, Don’t Remediate


Preventing attacks at the delivery phase, before they can enter the network, avoids costly remediation efforts

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  • Undetected Weaponized Att...

    21 January, 2016

    Solebit LABS has announced today the following undetected weaponized attachment (UWA) in the wild. The UWA was found and blocked by the SoleGATE platform.Solebit recommends all organizations use the f...

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  • Solebit Announces the Dem...

    21 January, 2016

    Solebit LABS, a global provider of breakthrough cybersecurity solutions, announced today the launch of its initial product, SoleGATE Email Protector. Powered by Solebit’s gro......

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  • How does Solebit identifi...

    15 January, 2016

    Solebit identifies new, previously-undetected weaponized attachments using it pattented DvC technology...

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