We kill the kill chain

Automatic real-time prevention of targeted
cyber attacks based on zero-day or any
other unknown threat

The Power to Identify and block Code Inside the Data Stream

Solebit introduces a paradigm shift with patent-pending non- behavioral technology that enables rapid detection and prevention of embedded malicious code


Attackers need to get a piece of executable code into the organization

To avoid detection they ‘hide’ code in data objects

Code takes advantage of a vulnerability and executes, and the attack is launched

If the hidden code is blocked from the organization: The attack is prevented


Detect the Undetected


Any unauthorized code, anywhere, including hidden CPU commands, encrypted and polymorphic payloads, shellcodes and other buried commands.

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Eliminate Guess Work


We don’t look for “malicious” or try to deduce behavior. If a stream includes unauthorized code it stays out. Period.


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Prevent, Don’t Remediate


Preventing attacks at the delivery phase, before they can enter the network, avoids costly remediation efforts.


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  • Undetected Weaponized Attachment Update (SBL-UWA 20160042)

    05 June, 2016

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    24 March, 2016

    Cybertech is the world’s second largest cyber event, taking place for the third time on

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  • Commercialization of Cybercrime and what it means to your organization

    04 January, 2016

    Cybercrime is fast becoming a full-fledged commercial industry, operating very much like the software and

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